Howdy, folks!

My name’s L.M. Whitaker, Kid Author. But, call me L.M for short.

Welcome to my website! *Yippee!*

I’m a kid author—that means I wrote a book (because I loooooove writing) and published it for the world to see. I’m very proud that I wrote a book at just 10 years old—and published it the same year! Of course, I have learned a lot since then and currently working on Book #2. If you’re a kid who loves to write, and wants their book published, you deserve a virtual high five! (*highfives you*) Just take this piece of advice: it may not seam like you’re as awesome as those great authors out there. But that’s absolutely OK! The sooner you start writing, the more and more and more you learn! That way, if you started at like 10, then you’d be a bestseller at 25! (Just an example) Also, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you now. If you truly, truly, truly looooove writing, then nothing in the WORLD can stop you!! LAST TIP before you view the rest of this website and this gets long and boooring: NEVER EVER chain your imagination. It is (at least in my mind), the foundation for ALL writing.

“Imagination is the fuel for your words.”


With a smile,




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