Faith: A Panda’s Story + Preview!

Faith A Panda's Sotry COVER
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Meimei the panda thought everything was fine—at least as fine as a teenage panda’s life could be—until she had a mystical dream that foretold her she was the last hope for her species. Feeling confused, Meimei made the choice to ignore the calling. But after finding herself alone and lost, she realizes that it could all be true—and she’s the last for all her species against the rising evil that could crush them all.

This is an epic journey that shows the other side of the panda like never before. Unleash the fighting side of the panda bear and join Meimei’s fiery fury on a time-twirling adventure that twists the tales like never before.

  • Age Range: 7-12
  • Page Length: 107 pages
  • Word Length: Around 20,000
  • Lexile Level: 830
  • Price: Find out on Amazon! (Link below)
  • Formats Available to Buy: Paperback and Kindle

Special preview:

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