The Prince’s Sword – Coming Soon

The Prince's Sword
(To be released soon) The Prince’s Sword


The Prince’s Sword, Book 1 of The 12 Kingdom Series


War is breaking out in the Twelve Kingdoms. Wicked Emperor Tynix of Auxinia, the Fire Kingdom, hungers for more riches for his greedy kingdom… At least that’s what it seems. He will cease at nothing to get what he wants, and selected Crown Prince Enoche’s homeland West Isle, The Water Kingdom, as his first target. Meanwhile, a vague foretelling announces to Enoche that he must discover his inner sword, or let peace splinter into nothingness. After refusing to believe that he must be the key, Enoche is captured by the claw of his enemy. He then embarks on thrilling expedition in his commitment to seek his missing parents. Secrets, poison, beasts, blood, and betrayal stir up a story with an unpredicted ending. But there’s a deeper, darker picture that clutches the kingdoms together. A secret that could destroy everything Enoche quested intrepidly to save. Will the truth spill before life is sucked out of the air by purple flames? Or will failure and hatred doom Enoche and the innocent to eternal slavery and torture?

Embark on the book that started it all and ride the coaster that pushed the downfall.

2 Replies to “The Prince’s Sword – Coming Soon”

  1. OOOOOH when will it come out?!!! Looks AMAZING!!!!! I personally like cover idea two, but cover idea one is great too. I think I would like cover idea one better if it was a different color scheme.

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