A Camp With A Mission: Intro

What if I said I’d give you a shot—a shot that would make something that might happen in the future, transform into something that will happen now.

OliveVine Publishing and I are on a mission for children—a mission that I’ve been dreaming since I first started reading. Can you guess what? Being an published author.

Now believe me, I’ve seen some pretty high writing skills out there. Kids have written story, after book, after story. But this camp isn’t just goanna teach you how to write. It’s goanna teach what extremely few kids have managed to achieve—being published by a company that will Get Your Book On The Shelf. That’s what the mission’s called. Project Get Your Book On The Shelf.

Can’t you imagine the exhilaration when you see your published book in a bookstore, and then…in someone’s hands? But here’s something priceless. When one of your friends comes up to you and says, “Have you read this book? It’s really good.” And when he points to your book, you can answer. “Yeah. I wrote it.” And then soon, you’re in the newspaper…and then…the Bestseller’s List.

That’s what this Camp’s goanna inspire. A nation. Books by young authors. A dream. A chance to be a star at something amazing. Something life-changing. And though you might not be a writer, you have to be a reader. And to read something brilliant, that a child wrote?

Now that’s inspiring.


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