Exclusive Book Preview

The Sorcerer’s Passage: Book 2 of the Twelve Kingdom Saga


Spark stared at the encrusted locket, vines clutching the cold metal powerfully. A tear slipped out her eyes and ran down her soft cheek. Everything had happened in those few seconds. The black arrow. The cackling of the enemy. The last dying wish to run and guard the locket with her life. Her life meant nothing. When he died her life turned to a plant with no roots. A body with no soul. A life without purpose. This locket cost the life of a someone so close to her—yet so far. He died to protect this locket. And she wanted to know why.

Spark held the locket close to her ear. She felt the ice-cold silver rub against her cheek, making her shiver. “Tell me why,” she hissed into it. She pried her sweaty fingers in the slots on the locket’s brass and silver side, and braced herself for possible heating under her fingernail as the two sides split. She took a breath and firmly but gradually pushed her fingers outward, desiring to seperate the sides. But it wouldn’t budge. Her fingers felt both sweaty with fire and iced by the chilly metal, combine in a bewildered, shuddery feeling. Of course, Spark tried again. Her shoulder-length auburn hair was decorated with beads of sweat as her efforts failed again.

“NO!” She screeched, flinging the locket away from her with the strength she had left. “I–WILL–NOT–BELIEVE–IT!” her breathless voice spat. If the locket didn’t open then….no, it couldn’t be….he had surely—it just couldn’t be…Her eyes blinked and finally the welling tears she had been holding escaped and happily slid down her cheek. She watched them, wishing she could be free. If what she thought was true, then…He had died for nothing. The words seamed to conjure sadness, and she felt a burning in her eyes meaning there was more tears coming. No, cried a small, almost unheard voice. Spark ignored it and was ready to let the waterfall burst. NO!!!! the voice screeched rocking Spark backwards. Realization hit her. She fried her tears and boiled them to anger, letting it bubble and hiss, then released it, making her eyes flame with madness.

She was going to make his murderer pay.

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  1. Syd says:

    OOOOOOH!!!!!! Sounds AMAZING!!!!! You should do one of these with the princes sword!


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