Hi again!

—To 3rd Person—

L.M Whitaker is the author of Faith: A Panda’s Story, a children’s chapter book about a panda with a bold and defiant personality and the choices she made to determine if she can save her species. L.M is currently finishing her second book, The Prince’s Sword, which is book one of her new chapter book series, The Twelve Kingdoms. This new book stars crown prince Enoche of the kingdom West Isle, his fight for peace, and the sacrifice it takes to vanquish greed.

But L.M also loves to do other things than write all day. She loves to design websites (she did this one!), take photos and edit them with cool effects, draw people and comics, brainstorm ideas with her family, eat delicious food, and chat with her sweet doggie, Dottie.

L.M was born in Chicago, IL, in the rush of the city. Her heart will always be there, but she has also found excitement in her current home, Southern Pines, NC. She lives with her family, dog, and imagination.