All About Moi

Howdy, readers!

Hi!!! It’s meeeeeee!

My name is L.M. Whitaker, fantasy-fiction author of Faith: A Panda’s Story (See BOOKS).

If you didn’t know, assumed, or thought, I am eleven years old, with the dream—   (Wait…DID I SAY “DREAM”? I meant “Reality”. Go on)

Well, as I was saying, I have the reality of being a Young Author. My mission is to be published by a renowned publishing business so I can see my own book in libraries, bookstores, and HOMES. My book is already published on by a self-publishing company, BUT I need a promotion. And if you guys buy my book, comment, and (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE) review it on Amazon, that dream’s MINE.

But, I have other things to do than write. I like swimming, playing, reading novels and comics, talking, petting my dog, day-dreaming, laughing, designing logos, doodling and sketching, purple, pandas, eating Jolly Ranchers, dyeing my hair, shopping for clothes (I LOVE clothes), speaking French, and everything that has FUN in it.

I live in a modest, pine-straw-y town called Southern Pines in NC with my family.

Send me an email in contacts, and we can chat!

Thanks, y’all!