How My Dream Started

It’s Meeeee again!


Every dream is started by one person thinking farther than the stars, deeper than the ocean, and vaster than the world. How did I become an author? It was because I needed to tell a story. Everyone has a story to tell, but some are afraid to tell it. I, however, was not. I snatched a #2 pencil, stapled white printer paper together, and began to write. And that is how I became an author. By a dream that I didn’t let go.

And I have come far since that wishful day when I was seven. I now use a computer, and pour my feelings, soul, and dreams into my books. I start them as my own, grow them, and then send them into the world… then? When a reader picks it up, and starts reading, it becomes theirs. Yes. That is the thing about being an author. You can watch your book grow, edit, and flourish, but once it is out in the world, it becomes the mind and soul of a lucky reader.

I am proud to be a young author because I can live my dream now. I love writing because I can make it styled my way, and no one can tell me otherwise. I like the boundaries that are large enough for me to roam in. I like the peace that I breath in when I write. Because when I am writing, I am no longer on earth.

I’m in the World of Imagination.