What’s Goin On? The Monthly Update

May 2018

A New Chapter…


>>>An excuse for when you’re writing slow.

See “Writer’s May Comic”

>>>Spread the word—The stylish way.

See “Ambition to Conquer”


Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.

-Holley Gerth


Writing in a way that makes you comfortable won’t make a great book materialize.

Have relief moments, and thrilling plot.

Book Rally:

The next book I will be releasing will come

Spring, Summer 2018

Introducing….THE PRINCE’S SWORD, BOOK 1 OF THE NEW SERIES, THE TWELVE KINGDOMS!!! Dun dun dun! It will be twice (and more) as longer as my first book, with a classic and yet unique storyline!!

Brief outline: A young, 12-year-old Prince, son of the Emperor of the West Isle, is captured in the thick of a battle with a sinister, power-greedy Emperor named Suopa Tynix. The other six Kingdoms are trembling under the ever-rising empire, and, even when all united, may not stand a chance. However, a foretelling grants a hope for the people:

The prince of isles shall spread his wings,

       To embark on a journey that will change all things.

       If the prince can find his inner sword,

       Then the world of peace will be restored.

Can’t wait? Dying to hear the whole story? Find out more here and make sure to comment your complements!

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What do you think of apparel? Coming soon, hopefully, with your support!


Writer’s May Comic:



Ambition to Conquer:

Publicity! Spread the word! You can help.

Spread the word card pdfs are coming soon! Be on your toes to share the word the stylish way.

Latest Update:

My website is getting a makeover! I’m open to suggestions. Get sleek, modern, jazzy, and bookish with this new update.



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Comic Illustrated & property by Sara Zimmerman 




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